Electric Body

About Electric Body

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We make dance accessible by taking it out of the studio and bringing it into the spaces where people live and work.

We offer classes in alternative spaces around the Washington DC-area with professional dance instructors for long-term programming and pop-up events.

We take the intimidation out of dance by offering classes of all styles for all levels. No prior experience or equipment needed – just a desire to dance.


Who We Are

We’re Dahlia and Kerstin, the co-founders of Electric Body. We’ve both been dancing for as long as we can remember and that’s how we met. Our love of dance united us and we hope that it will unite and excite you too!


Why We Do It

Through the ups and downs of life, dance has remained a constant for each of us – and a consistent source of joy and inspiration. Dance allows us to move, express, connect, and transcend.

We want that joy and inspiration to be available to everyone.


Dance with us.

Sign up to hear more about upcoming classes and pop-up events near you. Or email Kerstin at kerstin@electricbody.co to partner with us.